We had a fun discussion at work today. I saw a colleague of mine browse trough his I-Tunes and asked him about his music preference and favorite bands and such, and so we started talking about music. And somehow that such a conversation always turns to illegitimately acquiring music, or in other words Downloading.

And as we sat there talking we started making a simple calculation on how much a person would have to spend to legitimately fill his MP3 player of 40Gb. We did like this: An average song is about 3-4 Mb in size, so that would be around 250-300 songs per Gb right? Well say that you have the biggest MP3 player available that would mean that to fill your MP3 player you would need about  10.000 – 12.000 songs. Well take it that an average CD has 10/12 songs you would only need about a 1000 CD’s. Well and how much does a CD cost these days? Something between the 10€ and 25€ I believe, well that would mean that to fill an entire MP3 player your merely need about to spend something between he 10.000€ and 25.000€…

After we had a good laugh we went back to work thinking about no one in his right mind could believe that most people fill their MP3 player in conform with the law ;)

Over and Out!